When Neil Strauss–author of The Game and soon to be known as pickup artist “Style”–paid master pickup artist Mystery for a PUA training bootcamp, he said it was not the proudest moment of his life.

His view would soon change.  After PUA training with Mystery in the field, Strauss was hooked.  But what is PUA training, how is it administered, and is it any good?

PUA Training Basics

First you should know that PUA stands for “pickup artist.”  There are currently 3 methods of PUA training:  print materials, in-field boot camps, and online lessons and systems.  You can pay anywhere from $15 for print materials upwards of $2,000 for PUA training boot camps.

Print Materials:  Books and Lessons

Since the seduction artist community was formed through online channels around 2001-2002, it stands to reason that there is not much in the way of print books to help you with PUA training.  Strauss’ The Game is the closest thing available, but even that is more of a memoir than an instructional manual.  Print materials are the lowest cost pickup artist training alternative ($15-$30, or the cost of a hardcover book).

In-Field Boot Camps

Mystery’s Venusian Arts, Strauss’ Stylelife, and Tyler Durden’s Real Social Dynamics are the three top in-field bootcamp vendors.  Attendees typically travel to a major urban center (Miami, Honolulu, San Francisco, etc.) for a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Training is comprised of short lectures in hotel conference rooms, with the bulk of the time devoted to in-field PUA training at local clubs and bars.  Experienced PUA’s act as mentors, giving students critical comments about their technique.

Prices are scaled according to desirability of location, with top metro U.S. areas costing the most.  For instance, Durden’s Real Social Dynamics charges $2,000 for its 3 day Los Angeles boot-camp.

Online Lessons and Systems

Online systems tend to fall at the lower end of the cost scale, with most ranging from $39 to $100.  These online PUA training systems may consist of e-books, streaming videos, audios and member-only forums.

These online attraction and seduction courses have become popular, since most men are unable to afford the high price tag of the in-field boot camps and find print training materials inadequate.

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