Some of the Exhilarating Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala, India


Kerala is an exciting state located in south India, which receives travelers from every region of India as well as, the world. Forest occupies nearly thirty percentage of Kerala’s landscape. The state has long coastlines, and fantastic backwaters that allure visitors from all part of the world. The Western Ghats cover 72.08% of total geographical area of Kerala.

The vitality of Western Ghats, Spice plantations of Kerala along with backwaters add to the scenic beauty of Kerala. Total forest area encompasses five national parks as well as, thirteen wildlife parks. All these aspects help the development of tourism in Kerala and make tour packages of Kerala rank high among Indian Tour.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
The other name of Periyar wildlife park is Thekkady wildlife sanctuary. The geographical area of this wildlife sanctuary comes in both the districts of Idukki, and Pathanamthitta. Nearest railway station to reach the place is Kottayam. The sanctuary encompass a beautiful lake, so many varieties of flowering plants, peculiar varieties of birds, toxic reptiles, endangered specious of animals like lion tailed macaque, deer so on. Giant King Cobra and Great Hornbill are other attractions of this wildlife sanctuary. Visitors can enjoy boat cruises in the lake and take photographs of birds and have elephant rides, as well.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary
Idukki wild life park lies amidst the rivers of Periyar, and Cheruthoni. The central attraction is arch dam of Idukki itself. The dam is 168 meters tall. From the dam, travelers can watch lush green forests, exquisite water reserve, and mountains. Tigers, Bison, herds of elephants, kingfishers, and Myna are common sights in the sanctuary. The place is ideal for trekking, and boat rides. Entire forest comes under the premises of tropical ever green forests.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
This sanctuary is a part of Nilgiri biosphere, and Bandipur National Park. Tourism is a fast emerging sector in Wayanad. The government is planning many ecotourism projects for the development of tourism here. Forest area of Wayanad is thick and dense. The biosphere is a home to Elephants, black panthers, tiger, peacock, bison, wild leopards and deer. This forest area comprises of a good density of King Cobra. The spice plantation of Sultan Bathery, which comes under the reserve, is peculiar to its kind. It is one of the must visit destinations in India. Road transport is the only way to reach the sanctuary.

Thattekkad Wildlife Sanctuary
The popular name of Thattekkad wildlife sanctuary is Salim Ali bird sanctuary. There are some reserve areas in the sanctuary that preserve trees like rosewoods and teak. It is one of the finest bird sanctuaries in India. Visitors can watch Hornbills in their habitat here. Best time to visit this sanctuary is from May to July. In this period plenty of migratory birds visit this sanctuary. Falcon, Sunbird, and Blue winged parakeet are common in this sanctuary. Peculiar kinds of haven and Crimson -throated Barbet are other attractions in the sanctuary. It has more than five hundred varieties of birds. Convenient means of transportation are available to reach the sanctuary.

These are some of the worth visiting wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

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