Cheap Hotels To Soothe Your Budgeted Vacation


One of the largest cheap hotels in Amsterdam would be the Trianon Hotel, with the availability of 52 rooms. Its location at the renowned Amsterdam Concertgebouw Philharmonic and the Museum Plein provides a strategic location in the provision of accommodation as a line of business. It is actually a basic and simple budget hotel that serves the needs of undemanding customers. Though its rooms are small in dimensions, its prices do not exactly match the room size and are not the lowest in town. Nevertheless, credits are given for its cleanliness and its elegant vicinity in this Dutch capital city.

Sarphati Hotel is a budget hotel that offers absolutely good value for money, having one of the most worthy price range amongst the many. Its location in the trendy Pijp environs of Amsterdam across the street further helps to boast its fame for greater convenience and attraction. Despite displaying fundamental decorations in its lobby with a simple interior, its hotel rooms are equipped with decent beds, clean toilet and shower amenities, a basic television set, telephone and sufficient furnishings to impart a comfortable ambience. This is probably the best inexpensive solution to maintaining good interaction with the city center.

If you prefer cheap hotels in Amsterdam which are away from the busy rat race of the city, you may consider Hotel Rembrandt. Having only 17 rooms, Hotel Rembrandt is situated in the Artis Zoo area. Of course, its distance from the old city is not that elongated as access is within 10 minutes of walk. Its rooms come with the basic necessities alongside with a television having English channels. However, do not mistake this Rembrandt with the other more luxurious ones as there are three other establishments with the name Rembrandt. It is advisable to bring along the hotel’s address to avoid an unplanned arrival at the incorrect premise.

There are also cheap hotels in Amsterdam featuring some vintage style. One very good example is the A-train Hotel. The interior of the hotel is renovated and ornamented in accordance to an old railway theme. It is a small hotel with only 34 rooms, located across the street along Amsterdam Central Station. Though providing small rooms with good beds and modern bathrooms, A-train is mostly famous for its admirable hospitality. This is indeed the best alternative for a budget option, possibly for several days of stay without breaking the bank account.

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