Yup! There Seriously Are Two Bathrooms in Liberty Sq.

When ya’ gotta go, ya’ gotta go. Even though Walt Disney Earth presents its Friends restroom possibilities about each corner, there’s an outdated adage that Liberty Sq. has no loos! But that is truly only partly real. Here’s where by to discover them, and how to use the two theme park bathrooms in Liberty Sq.!

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There Truly Are Two Bogs in Liberty Sq.

Liberty Square is renowned for its “poo river” racing down the middle of the walkway, reminiscent of the colonial-The us chamber pot waste that was dumped into the streets and flowed down the heart. Disney Imagineers provided the river of poo by means of a brownstone walkway that flows as a result of the land.

In move with that topic, you won’t obtain public indoor plumbing restrooms anyplace in the land, either. Vacationers are eagerly pointed to the massive swath of amenities on the edge of Frontierland and the Tangled bogs at the back of Fantasyland (each contact Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square’s boundaries). Professional-tip: Demand up your mobile mobile phone at these Disney bogs.

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BUT(T) there are two bogs in Liberty Square if you know wherever to seem and are in the suitable appropriate to use them. Because of to codes, there will have to be out there/close by loos to Company in a restaurant. With an American Background land that famously boasts no loos, this would be a problem if it weren’t for these nearly-top secret upstairs places.

Keep in mind that you can only use these two restrooms if you are a Guest of the restaurant. Normally, you will require to pay a visit to the Frontierland or Tangled loos for your wants!

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The Boundaries Demonstrate The Bathrooms!

If we attract the “boundaries for Liberty Square” (one of the smallest lands in Magic Kingdom) we see that the Liberty Tree Tavern bathroom (which is just earlier mentioned the foyer of the cafe) is evidently in the boundaries of the colonial periods land, no subject how to try out to slice it up (mid-spokes, along pathways, or splitting buildings). This reporter would favor to attract boundaries that encased complete buildings whose doorways are in a specified land. It feels incorrect to be within the Hall of Presidents but declare to be in Fantasyland…just no.

bathroom in Liberty Square columbia harbor house
Credit: Google Maps and Inside of the Magic 

If you happen to be on a Magic Kingdom tour — this sort of as the Keys to the Kingdom Tour — you could listen to the Cast Member assert that the bogs are essentially in unique lands and not in Liberty Square at all, but if you bear in mind the above map… that is just not the scenario for Liberty Tree Tavern at all.

Columbia Harbor House’s lavatory may possibly be up for dialogue, as soon as yet again, centered on how you are drawing the boundaries of the land. The crimson “x” is exactly where the toilet is situated in the cafe. The crimson line on the map down below crosses from Liberty Square’s path-commence to amongst Peter Pan’s meeting place and the Harbor Home, encasing Memento Mori in Liberty Sq.. According to this line, the toilet is in Liberty Square.

The purple line attracts a line from the very same “spoke” commence place and goes instantly concerning Haunted Mansion attraction and the Tangled Bathrooms, but it cuts off about 50 percent of Columbia Harbor Dwelling and the bottom of Memento Mori… Even however this purple line marks the bathroom in Fantasyland, this reporter will not accept that simply because of the setting up hack.

Next, we meet mainly in the middle with the blue line, yet another selection from the mid-spoke to the Peter Pan place. But this line cuts off far more linked Disney Home like the Corridor of Presidents, 50 percent of Sleepy Hollow, and some Columbia Harbor Home. It just won’t do.

LINES bathroom in Liberty Square columbia harbor house
Credit score: Google Maps and Inside the Magic

We’re likely to stick with the pink line, which even as a straight line, goes more intently to the border of the buildings, therefore landing the Columbia Harbor Home toilet in Liberty Square.

Liberty Tree Tavern Toilet

So if you’re prepared to use a single of these loo stations, here’s what you can expect.  Viewing the Liberty Tree Tavern for a delicious Thanksgiving-design and style food?  You might have to have the services among programs, and for that, you are going to just require to action upstairs to the two-seater restrooms, full with a copper sink.  There are men’s and ladies’ rooms throughout from one one more, but the upstairs “hallway” is quite compact, so be courteous of your neighbor!

liberty tree tavern bathroom
Liberty Tree Tavern Bogs Credit history: wdwlooreview.com

Columbia Harbor House Bathroom

If you find on your own smack dab among a lobster roll and a bowl of clam chowder, the Columbia House Harbor restrooms are what you require! Nevertheless the Tangled bathrooms are nearby, there is a different restroom upstairs in this building, akin to the Liberty Tree Tavern. Verify out these dated but time period Disney Park bathroom mirrors!

columbia harbor house bathrooms in liberty square
Columbia Harbor House Bogs Credit rating: Discussion board.wdwmagic.com

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