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Have you dreamed of living in Louisiana, the home of festivals? Are you a nurse? If you answer both questions with a yes then travel nurse jobs in Louisiana is a great opportunity for you to make this happen. The only difference will be you will not be permanently living there but at least experience the lifestyle for 13 weeks or more. Healthcare traveler jobs in Louisiana, Louisiana travel nursing jobs as the number one need are continuously growing due to the pandemic situation and scarcity of nurses are now being experienced in different States that’s why travel nurses are being sent to places where they are needed.


Benefits as a Travel Nurse in Louisiana

Higher Salary

COmpared with pay for regular nurses, travel nurses in  Louisiana can earn a bigger salary. Pay starts from $1,574 per week or much higher for crisis nursing jobs in Louisiana, they can earn up to $5,250 a week. Specialty can be a big factor in getting bigger pay since more skills and credibility are needed for crisis travel nurse jobs in Louisiana. However, even for RN, they can still get a better pay compared if they work as a nurse in their own residences.

Working Assignments

Assignments may last for three weeks or more depending on the need of the medical facility where you will be assigned. Assignments can be extended if needed or you can be assigned to the next destination once your assignment in Louisiana is done. Being able to know how long you are going to stay in your working assignment can help you be more prepared and being flexible to be extended should also be considered if you are a travel nurse.

Taking a Time Off

For every work, time off is needed especially among travel nurses who work overtime most of the time due to the demand in their work schedule. Travel nurse practitioners in Louisiana can request a break after each assignment, this can be a perfect time to explore Louisiana, attend festivals for you to appreciate the beauty of their cultures. Enjoy country music as you roam around Louisiana. Taking a break can refresh you as you get ready for your next assignment.

Free Accommodation

When people work away from home they usually have concerns about where they would be staying. For travel nurses, housing is provided and the best thing about it is, it is near the medical facility where they will be working. They want to make sure that their travel nurses are comfortable and they won’t get homesick, so they provided a place they can call their home. Some travel nurse agencies even provide housing stipends for travel nurses who prefer to found their own place to stay.

Life and Health Insurances are Provided

Nurses need insurance since they are exposed to more risk. Insurances can make them more secure just in case some unexpected situations occur. This can assist them in their financial needs in the future or can even cover the needs for their senior years.

24/7 Supervision

Chief Nurses are available 24 hours 7 days a week, this is to ensure that travel nurse can get the support they need when they are on shift especially for travel nurse crisis jobs in Louisiana. Since nurses with specialty handle critical state patients, they surely need supervision for them to deliver the patient’s needs. Being able to execute their job as a team can give a good reputation to the workers as well as the medical facility. That’s why Chief Nurses are always there to guide their nurses.

Assignments are Available All Year Round

After every assignment, travel nurses are already listed on their next assignments. Travel nurse agencies want to make sure that travel nurses can also have job security. So they line them up to their next assignments even after finishing one. The consent of the travel nurse is considered before assigning them, they can choose other options if they want to.


Travel nursing in Louisiana can be your gateway to traveling while working. Travel RN jobs in Louisiana provide opportunities to nurses who are aspiring to broaden their profession as well as start traveling the world by getting assignments in different States. Louisiana travel nursing jobs will continue to grow so grab this opportunity and be a travel nurse.

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