Spanish to English Phrase Translation Guide


Easy Spanish to English Phrase Translation

Learning Spanish to English phrase translation can be easy and certainly it’s practical. No doubt, you’ve noticed how the Spanish language is becoming more popular around the world and particularly in the United States. This trend is obvious at school, in the office, in the media, and everywhere else.

This article focuses on Spanish to English phrase translation to help you out with phrases that you may hear or read, but you don’t know what they mean. Some phrases include the phonetic pronunciation for easier learning.

You can create sentences with enough knowledge of the words you may need for certain situations such as: asking for directions, at airports or hotels, or shopping for clothes. In order to form a sentence you only need a subject and a predicate; a subject can be as simple as a noun or pronoun, however a predicate can only be a verb.

Spanish to English Phrase Translation Examples

Asking For Directions:

¡Oiga por favor!
[oy-ga por fa-vor]
‘Excuse me.’

¿Dónde está…?
[don-de es-ta…]
‘Where is…?

¿Cómo se va a…?
[ko-mo se va a…]
‘How to I get to…?’

¿Puede indicarme en el mapa?
[pwe-de in-di-kar-me en el ma-pa]
‘Can you show me on the map?’

Estamos buscando…
[es-ta-mos bus-kan-do… ]
‘We’re looking for…’

At The Airport

Al aeropuerto, por favor
[al ay-ro-pwer-to por fa-vor]
‘To the airport please’

¿Como se va al centro?
[ko-mo se va al then-tro]
‘How do I get into town?’

¿Cuál es la puerta del vuelo para…?

[kwal es la pwer-ta del vwe-lo pa-ra… ]

‘Which gate is it for the flight to…?’

At Hotels

¿Tiene una habitacion para esta noche?
[tye-ne u-na a-bi-ta-thyon es-ta no-che]
‘Do you have a room for tonight?’

¿Cuánto cuesta por noche?’
[kwan-to kwes-ta por no-che]
‘How much is it per night?’

Quiero una habitacion con tres camas
[kye-ro u-na a-bi-ta-thyon kon tres ka-mas]
‘I want a room with three beds’

Nos vamos mañana
[nos va-mos ma-nya-na]
‘We’re leaving tomorrow’

¿Me hace la factura, por favor?
[me a-the la fak-tu-ra por fa-vor]
‘Please prepare the bill’

Shopping for Clothes

[ven-de… ]
‘Do you sell

¿Puedo probarme esto?
[pwe-do pro-bar-me es-ro]
‘Can I try this on?’

¿Tiene una talla menor?
[tye-ne u-na ta-lya me-nor]
‘Do you have a smaller size?’

Me llevo esto
[me lye-vo es-to]
‘I’ll take this one’

Note: Remember to use either the masculine ending, o, if you´re a man, or the feminine ending, a, if you´re a woman. i.e. Americano, or Americana. You apply the same principle to most adjectives. Also, make sure to use the proper accents (´ ) because they´re are very important in Spanish. If you leave out the accents, it will change the meaning of the words you´re trying to use. Any syllable with an accent is emphasized in a word.

Sounds are the fundamentals of any language you may want to learn. The Spanish alphabet has 30 letters that produce more than 30 sounds. On the other hand, you can use Spanish prepositions the same way as you would use them in English to form phrases.

Benefits of Spanish to English Phrase Translation

Studying a foreign language, particularly a Spanish to English phrase translation, is not complicated. Improving your Spanish skills can bring you many benefits. Due to the increasing Hispanic market in the United States, learning Spanish can give you more job options when listing a second language on your résumé.

Learning Spanish to English phrase translation is a good start!

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