New Tourism Product Identified in Uganda


Uganda Wildlife Authority in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism Trade and industry is now pointing towards the promotion of mountain climbing in four mountains in the country including Mountains such as Muhabura, Elgon, Moroto and Rwenzori, a statement said by the state Minister for Tourism while addressing Journalists at Mihunga Park in Kasese District.

This came as a result of the Minister’s tour to Rwenzori Mountains and Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Minister noted that Uganda has got a hot cake that includes to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and also noted the in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National park are an important tour experience in Uganda where as and a combination of and have become one of the best attractions in the country. However, less attention has been channeled.

Mr. Rukundo is allegedly the first minister to climb Mt Rwenzori up to Nyabitaba Camp, which lies at 2650 meters above sea level and 7.5kms from Mihunga gate Nyakalengijo Bugoye in Kasese. The minister promised to embark on the building of the bridges and ladders such that easy access to places that would be visited is attained by tourists. On top of this, he cautioned Uganda Wildlife Authority and Tour Companies to employ tour guides who are well knowledgeable of the area and said good huts and facilities like warm water must be set up to enhance visitor stay. The responsibility of supply of Mountain Climbing equipment remains a complete obligation of the managers at the four Mountain Parks mentioned earlier.

Five tourists’ routes are to be opened in Rwenzori National Park of which 3 are to be opened soon and 2 others later. The routes will include; Kazingo in Kabarole District, Kilembe in Kasese District and others will include; Kitholhu towards Margherita Peak and kyahumba-Rwagimba leading to Bundibugyo.

Plans are underway to develop weekend packages for residents and expatriates visiting the Rwenzori National Park which receives close to 1000 visitors a whole year. The Park has got 5 huts liable to accommodate 75 visitors per night of which only 55% can be reached in the peak season. There is a possibility of improving on the accommodation facilities which is most likely to lead to a 100% bed occupancy level.

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