New Ocean City Md. hotels, restaurants

OCEAN CITY, Md.— Spring and summer this year come with Ocean City business up and down the coast restlessly eager to make the most of the tourism season after paralyzing coronavirus restrictions lift. 

The 2021 season will hold some new faces, as people across the region venture into the resort town for anything from a day trip, to weeks away from work or school. 

In the realm of food, shopping and lodging, here you’ll find some of Ocean City’s newcomers since last summer:

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What’s new in Ocean City’s restaurant scene?

Ocean City’s first open-air food market

Inlet Market, Ocean City's first ever food hall, is set to debut on the boardwalk in summer 2021.

Beachgoers learned earlier this year that Ocean City’s first open-air food hall concept was headed to the Boardwalk in summer 2021. Now its anchor restaurant, Bandits Bar & Grill, is slated for completion by the end of June

The Inlet Market, with its envisioned blend of grab-and-go vendors with options from lobster rolls, to Taiwanese bao buns, authentic Mexican fare or Southern po’ boys, is the brain child of Windsor Resort, the company behind Trimper’s Rides.