Incredible Sights on Your China Tour


China is a fascinating country to visit, brimming with historical sights dating back thousands of years. It’s also one of the fastest developing countries in the world, with its city skyline dominated by skyscrapers. Here is just a selection of the fantastic sights you can see while on your China tour.

West Lake

The west lake is set in the centre Hangzhou, an influential city in Eastern China. This mammoth water body covers over 2.2 miles, it offers a place for tranquillity and the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the inner city. It is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site this year and has been an inspiration for many Chinese garden designers. West lake is brimming with small islands connected by bridges and passageways, among the highlights is the abundance of lotus flowers within the Crooked Courtyard

Yangtze River

At nearly 4,000 metres long, the Yangtze is the longest waterway in the country, and the third longest river in the world. The Yangtze rampages from the glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau, penetrating through the middle of steep rocky valleys all the way to the East China Sea in Shanghai. It offers some breathtaking landscapes with steep gorges, rainforests and mountain ranges all offered on the way. It is often a hugely popular destination for river cruises, there couldn’t be a better way to view the river than via a vessel.

Terra cotta warriors

First buried in 210BC, this incredible work of ancient art wasn’t discovered until 1974 when local farmers recognised a life size terracotta figure. Little did they know that there would be around 8,000 more warriors buried under ground, along with 130 chariots and 520 horses This collection depicts the armies of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. The collection was buried along with him as a method to protect him in the afterlife. The collection still stands as one of the greatest archaeological discoveries ever made.

The Great Wall of China

No guide on china could be complete without its most famous landmark. The Great Wall of China is a collection of fortification walls which, some dating back to the 5th century BC. It has been estimated to be over 5,500 miles long and stretches from the Far East to the West. It has become intrinsic with the country, becoming a national symbol and easily the most visited attraction of all.

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