December 4, 2023

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Holiday on the lake

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The beauty of a holiday on the lake Many mistakenly believe that a holiday on the lake is something “old” and that it could never be liked. They think there is nothing interesting to do … starting with the fact that it is more complicated to swim than the sea, because the water is immediately deep, it is dirtier, the beach is ugly, and so on. Instead, they are all clichĂ©s that only those who have never tried can believe. This is a lot of prejudices that many then have to think about. This is because taking a holiday on the lake, even with young children, can truly be a godsend. Indeed, the little ones of the family have the most fun, starting from the dives in the lake. 

Lake District family activity holiday. Helping Dreamers Do

Choose Lake Orta 

Of course there is lake and lake: we don’t talk about those little ponds with cloudy water and muddy bottom, how much of the lake with a capital L: that of Orta, one of the most beautiful in Italy especially in the beautiful Orta San Giulio. Going to the lake in Orta San giulio in summer is nothing more than a fun, and if you can’t swim like in the sea, fun is just as guaranteed. 

The water of the lakes is so transparent and clean that you could drink it. Although it is mysterious and dark bottom, it is very pleasant to walk on, also because in the areas haunted by tourists there are gravel and stones. In reality, there is no need even for rock shoes, because you enter the water directly from the pier. 

Is the lake better than the sea?

 The question therefore arises: can the lake be better than the sea? And the answer is positive. First of all, the water is not salty (so when you get out of the water you don’t feel the skin pulling). Secondly, there are no jellyfish, and for those who don’t like getting their feet dirty, don’t worry because there is no sand (you don’t have the stress of cleaning your feet when you get in the car). Finally, there are no waves (or at least many less). All these reasons must be only a taste of the great advantages that you will have by going to Lake Orta, where you will surely fall in love with what you will see. It takes very little and everything will really be as you want: the holiday as you want, even more if you go to Orta San Giulio.