Enjoy Some Unique Shopping & Local Coffee Shops In Wells Avenue, Reno

Petals meet pours: A new Wells Avenue florist includes a coffee bar serving  Hub coffee • Reno News & Review

Situated just a few blocks east of Virginia Street in Wells Avenue, a vibrant and diverse historic business and neighborhood district. This 1.5-mile stretch is known as home to a variety of restaurant, coffee shops, and unique, locally-owned storefronts. If you are in the hunt for a place to grab a lunch or dinner, step out of your motel in Reno and fuel up with some locally-roasted coffee, shop for an ideal gift or to support small businesses along Wells Avenue.

Unique Shopping

Situated near Vassar and Wells, lives the local, plant-based beauty and home goods store, Pantry Products. In here, you will stumble on products such as lip balm, so candies, body scrubs, hand soaps and lotions, facial masks, natural deodorants, beard oils and a lot more, all made in-house with ingredients found in a pantry, such as corn starch, essential oils, and sugars. This is an ideal place to explore and shop from a local maker who cares about what we put on our bodies and into everyday products.

If you love owning a little bit history, the Reno Antiques is a place you have to check out. Their collection is filled with a variety of older household items, books, mirrors, furniture and tools from past times. If you are one of the treasure hunters and living in a motel in Downtown Reno, you can easily spend a good amount of their day digging through the archives hidden here. You feel a sense of Nevada meets country vintage when you walk into this shop.

Helianthus Floral Design is a flower shop and design studio that is dedicated to creating nature-inspired floral arrangements for any occasion. Express your unique style and personality through custom arrangements, or participate in a hosted workshop where you can gain knowledge to make your own and other workshops with the community.

Local Coffee Shops

At the south end of Wells Avenue, you will stumble on Magpie Coffee Roasters tucked inside a black building with their magpie logo perched on top. It is an ideal coffee shop to go to if you would like to experience a cozy and intimate environment. Magpie makes a smooth latte and you can never go wrong drinking their brew straight black. It is truly a hidden gem in Reno that most do not take advantage of.

One of the latest coffee shops in town is Reno Coffee Company, which specializes in pour-over coffee. At any one time, they are serving twelve different types of coffee beans so you will not ever be lacking variety or flavor when you step inside this spacious and eclectic shop. They have cozy velvet chairs, plenty of tables, seats that line the windows so you can people watch, and bags of roasted coffee to go as well.

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