Christian Marriage Advice – How to Spice Up Your Sex Life


Here is some vital Christian marriage advice regarding a topic that all Christian married couples should talk more about: Sex.

If your sex life needs spicing up, then we have the recipe to make it happen as quickly and as effectively as possible. This isn’t some 6 month plan to improve intimacy, these are things you can do this weekend, or even tonight, and once you lay these seeds, future intimacy will be as incredible as ever.

  1. Breaking. This involves breaking your regular routine. Throwing a monkey wrench in the machine which is your usual day to day or weekend routine has huge effects in improving your intimate relations. Surprise your spouse with lingerie, flowers, chocolates, or christian safe sex toys. This immediate “shock” or “jolt” can set the stage for incredibly intimacy to happen immediately. Honestly, sometimes this is what it takes. An immediate break from routine to set the stage for incredible sex.
  2. Escaping. This is another form of “breaking the routine” but even more powerful. You want to escape for a weekend or even for a night. This can be as elaborate as a weekend getaway or as simple as getting a hotel room in the next town over for a night. And actually, the second method, getting a hotel room, can be the most effective. What you are doing is getting out of your usual environment. This is the environment in which your sex life has taken second billing. The environment where you’ve become used to the usual cycle of things: routines, housework, cleaning, kids, watching television, and so forth. By getting away you are isolating you and your spouse in an environment where there is nothing to do but enjoy the intimacy of one another.
  3. Researching. The quickest way to improve your Christian sex life is to research new and exciting ways to please your partner. This is a very common problem when it comes to stale sex lives. Usually the couple is just doing the same thing over and over. The same positions, same pleasing techniques and so forth. This is especially the case with some Christians who believe they are only allowed to do certain acts or positions. In reality, there are many Christian safe techniques, acts, and even sex toys that are available to Christian couples. Just adding one new technique or position to your sex life can have tremendous implications. It basically sets the tone for more fun and pleasurable experimentation to follow.

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