Book Luxury Singapore Hotels in the Proximity of Beautiful Sentosa Island


The word Singapore is derived from a Malay word ‘Singa’ and ‘pura’ which means lion and city respectively. So, the city is also referred as lion city. Singapore has proved the worth of its name and these things impresses a many people several times. This island state has significantly changes its status from sleeping fishing village to important financial centre. It has become a prominent tourist destination and a gateway for all kinds of travelers’ right from an adventure holiday, leisure trip, business destination or even a stop-off destination.

Whatever is your trip purpose but accommodation always remains your prime concern. Singapore Luxury Hotels are available in wide verities and the most alluring fact is its proximity with the prime tourist centers like Singapore zoo, Orchard Road, Jurong town and Sentosa Island. All these areas are prominent tourism centre in the Singapore. Sentosa Island is a wonderful amusement park spread in 390 hectare area. One can easily access several luxury Singapore hotels all around the park. The centre of Singapore industry is Jurong town and it is very popular amongst the tourist due to few beautiful sites like Chinese garden, Singapore discovery centre and Jurong Bird Park. Similarly, Orchard Road is a leading shopping area. One can easily find here luxury hotel Singapore, with excellent restaurants, international malls, coffee bars, wine bars and much more.

Apart from shopping extravaganzas; Singapore festivals also attracts numerous tourists every year. Top crews of 24 men from all over world compete in Singapore Dragon Boat Festival. They speed through the water to the invigorating beat of drums and gongs. This event is very popular in all over South-East Asia wherever Chinese influence has been pervasive. Singapore Fireworks celebration is an annual festival to celebrate the independence from Malaysia. This awesome event includes jaw-dropping pyromusicals which illuminate the city skyline. This carnival opens in the evening with lively street performances and people from all over world participate in different live shows.

Festival of the hungry ghosts is a very special event as it holds enormous faith and blindly follows the era old tradition. Birthday of Monkey God is another auspicious occasion for the locals as well as tourist to explore the real Singapore. On the ninth day of Nine Emperor Gods Festival; the images of gods are paraded from the temple onto the street carried on an elaborate sedan. Thus these few occasions provide nice view of the stunning Singapore.

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