Beautiful Unique Beaches in Indonesia, Which One is Your Favorite?


The beaches in Indonesia have their own characteristics, such as unique beach sand. Oftentimes, the uniqueness of this beach sand is the main attraction for tourists to visit the beach. An example of a beach with special sand is pink sand beach on Komodo Island, NTT.

Not only the color of the beach sand, the shape of the beach, and the natural beauty of the underwater world are also characteristic of several other beaches. What are the unique beaches? Let’s see the explanation below!

5 Unique Beaches in Indonesia

1. Ngurtafur Beach (Southeast Maluku)

This first beach is located in Southeast Maluku, namely Ngurfatur Beach. This beach is unique, with sand that extends toward the middle of the sea. It seems like splitting the ocean, and visitors can walk on the sand of the beach for up to 2 km.

This phenomenon occurs at high tide, where the sand that arises is called Gosong Island. For this reason, when the sand on this beach appears, many tourists will walk along the stretch of sand.

2. Pink Beach (Komodo Island)

This beach, known as Pink Beach, is located on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara. The color of the sand on the beach, which is very foreign and pink, is an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. The pink color of this beach sand comes from a mixture of sand and coral flakes on the beach.

3. Sanur Coral Beach (Bali)

Karang Sanur Beach is famous for its uniqueness, namely the shape of the beach that resembles the number nine. Then this beach also offers a panoramic view of the sea decorated with white sand and a calm stretch of sea, making it suitable for refreshing and vacations.

Located in Denpasar City, this beach is very strategic, with several restaurants and cafes, such as coffee bean indonesia. For tourists who at the same time want to enjoy the beach and visit a place to relax, then Sanur Beach can be an option.

4. Gili Meno (Lombok)

Next is a beach with unique underwater nature, Gili Meno Beach, located in Lombok. The underwater scenery of this beach is decorated with 48 circular statues of people. This uniqueness makes tourists curious to see it in person.

This uniqueness makes Gili Meno suitable as a diving and snorkeling destination. In addition, on the outskirts of the beach, some turtles swim in the morning and evening.

5. Glajah Beach (Yogyakarta)

The uniqueness of Glajah Beach can be seen from the arrangement of lagoons or breakwaters that are not found on other beaches. Tripod-shaped lagoons are neatly arranged on the right and left of the pier. They have become a particular concern for tourists.

The unique beaches above have the uniqueness that captures tourists attention. This uniqueness makes tourists feel at home to capture every moment while on vacation at the beach.

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