Be conquered at the table by Lake Orta

In the wonderful Orta San Giulio there are many things to take into account and certainly cannot be missing for the foodies of greedy stops. The main product of Orta is pork liver mortadella, to which mixed pork, rind, bacon and a percentage of veal are added. The meat is salted and spiced, then dipped in mulled wine before being stuffed. It is eaten aged, sliced, or boiled and served with polenta or also puree. 

Another typical dish of the area is the Tabulon, a stew that in the original recipe includes donkey meat, also excellent Risotto with Perch. All accompanied by excellent local wines, including Boca, Gattinara, Erbaluce and Bonarda. Let’s see how this Tabulon is prepared in detail and with which drink it should be accompanied. 


It is one of the oldest recipes in the area between Novara and the Cusio Riviera. In fact, it dates back to the 13th century and would be contemporary with the foundation of Borgomanero. The original recipe calls for donkey meat, but today it is also prepared with finely sliced ​​horse or beef. 

To prepare it you need the following ingredients: 1 kg of lean horse or minced beef pulp, 1 onion, 1 knob of lard, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, ½ glass of Piedmontese red wine, Chiodi di carnation, bay leaves to taste, salt and pepper. Here is the procedure for how to prepare the tasty Tabulon First, mix the minced meat with the lard. Chop and brown the onion in the olive oil then add the mixture of lard and minced meat. Peel and pound the garlic, add it to the pot along with the salt and pepper. Simmer for about 20 minutes, then add the red wine, cloves and a few bay leaves. Raise the heat and let the liquid evaporate, cooking. Serve hot accompanied by polenta, mashed potatoes, or slices of toasted bread. 


And if you are wondering what to drink in Orta San Giulio, the answer is obvious. There is the Gattinara DOCG wine, a full-bodied red with a garnet color tending to orange, with a scent of violet and a dry and harmonious flavor, with a typical bitter aftertaste. It goes well with cured meats, cheeses, stewed and braised meats, sausages and liver sausages such as Mortadella di Orta.