Bahamas Family Vacation – Can You Take a Vacation to the Bahamas Without Spending a Fortune?

Bahamas Family Vacation – Can You Take a Vacation to the Bahamas Without Spending a Fortune?

So you want to take a Bahamas family vacation but you are wondering if you will have to take out a personal loan just to afford it. Tired of hearing your friends talking about their exotic trip to the Bahamas while you visit the relatives every year?

There is no need to borrow from your 401(k) in order to take your family on a great vacation to the Bahamas. This beautiful island paradise offers something for every budget.

You’ll find Grand Bahama Islands in the Bahamas just about 50 miles south of Miami. With its gorgeous clear blue-green water, interesting ocean life, and quaint fishing villages, not to mention just tons and tons of practically endless stretches of white sandy beaches, it’s a perfect vacation getaway without the hefty price tag you might spend to go to someplace like Hawaii. Yet you will probably have just as much fun!

First you should take a look at Grand Bahamas vacation packages because this is going to most likely be the best bet to save you a bundle. Whether you take a cruise or just fly there straightaway, start by comparing package prices at the online travel agencies and also the offline travel agents as well. These are the places where you are very likely to find the best all-inclusive prices on your vacation.

Only consider a cruise if you are not the type of person who will get seasick. But if you do love cruising, you can definitely find some amazingly low prices on a cruise to the Bahamas. The great thing about a cruise is everything is included like the entertainment, meals, and so forth. Depending on how long the cruise is, you could see quite a few of the islands for one bargain price. However, the bad thing is you will be limited in the amount of time you can spend in the Bahamas and also limited of course in where you can go. Still, the prices of cruises are so great it’s worth it to many people.

There are many inexpensive hotels to choose from once you reach the Bahamas. Since this is such a well-loved tourist destination you will find very competitive prices on the hotels like Quality Inn on Nassau or one of its sister hotels, and you should be able to easily find one to fit your budget with a bit of research beforehand. Ask about “frequent sleeper” programs too which are similar to frequent flyer programs. You can get great discounts at hotels with these programs.

By far the main attraction in this vacation paradise is the great beaches. Many people travel to the Bahamas year after year simply to enjoy these fantastic beaches. The almost seemingly unending stretches of white sand are very peaceful and relaxing, and spending the day lounging on the beach doesn’t cost a penny. This is one of the things that makes a Bahamas family vacation very easy to afford. Families may also enjoy such activities as snorkeling, fishing, and diving which are also very low-cost activities, helping you stick to your budget. To save even more money you can choose to have a picnic on the beach and bring your own food rather than eating in a restaurant for all of your meals.

Another tip to save on meals — once you get to the Bahamas, ask the locals about great restaurants that they endorse rather than eating at the touristy areas. You’ll find yourself paying less for better quality food.

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