September 28, 2023

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50+ Google and Yahoo Search Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

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A shortcut in basic is defined as “a route shorter than the usual 1.” I find this definition the most effective 1 due to the fact it can be utilized to any which means of the word together with a “search shortcut” (not a keyboard shortcut) which in essence usually means any pre-described mix of figures / words and phrases that makes it possible for to promptly get an answer to your initial dilemma.

This submit is intended as a thorough guideline to Google and Yahoo look for shortcuts giving a cheat sheet of about 50 shortcuts and comparing the two lookup engines.

Google and Yahoo Lookup Shortcuts Compared:

The prolonged version of the table is also out there as a different HTML file in this article and as a .doc file right here.

Google Look for Shortcuts

Google Shortcuts

Google is effectively recognized for its means to give a searcher solutions without the need of him to even have to go away it SERPs.

Google has many “official” guides to its shortcuts and sophisticated look for, and you can browse them in this article, right here and below.

Yahoo Lookup Shortcuts

Yahoo! Search Shortcuts

Yahoo! recently-introduced “new” search introduced a quantity of quite useful shortcuts, described here in element and also stated in the desk above.

“Old” shortcuts are also in use, here are all of them:

  • !amazon for?manner=blended&search phrase=%s
  • !audio http://audio.look
  • !ebay for/research.dll?satitle=%s
  • !flickr
  • !image http://pictures.look for/photos?p=%s
  • !mw
  • !information
  • !php
  • !shop
  • !video
  • !wiki
  • !mail

Build Your Possess Shortcuts:

Produce Shortcuts in FireFox

“Smart keywords” is the FireFox characteristic that lets you generate shortcuts for any search motor / web site you have to have. I have explained how to develop and operate FireFox clever key phrases in depth earlier:

Search shortcuts

Develop Yahoo! Lookup Shortcuts:

Yahoo! open shortcuts allow for to build shortcuts of your very own:

  • Build a shortcut for any look for you want to conduct
  • Type an ! (exclamation stage) followed by the title of the shortcut in the Yahoo! Look for box (note: does not perform from FireFox research plugins for me, only from Yahoo dwelling web site)
  • Illustrations:
    • !wsf to look for “weather san francisco” on Yahoo!
    • !ebay laptops to search for “laptops” on Ebay

Further looking through: