3 best airport lodges in Melbourne?

The Melbourne airport or Tullamarine airport has 4 terminals. Each terminal is made for handling specific flights for specific areas, such as terminal 1 and 3 have domestic flights, terminal 4 controls the budget domestic flights and terminal 2 departs the international flights. However, when it comes to the hotels and lodges where a person can stay, then don’t worry, because after reading this article you may find your hotel according to your needs.

In this article, you will know about the 3 best and the top-class hotels and airport lodges where you can stay. Since as you know, that different hotels provide different amenities, that’s why we have created a list of airport lodges, so that you can easily get a review of different hotels and to find the one which suits you the most.  

  1. Ciloms Airport lodge:

One of the best motels near Tullamarine Airport is Ciloms Airport Lodge. They provide all the amenities that an excellent hotel should provide. Also, apart from all the basic necessitates they also provide some extra amenities that you may not see in other hotels, for example—It is located near the Urbnsurf, and it has the conference facilities too. 

Ciloms Airport lodge is located just 4 minutes away from the Tullamarine airport or the Melbourne airport. They have well-cleaned rooms with proper furnishing and furniture. Ciloms is opened 24hrs, and they offer 24hrs reception service too. Ciloms also offer a broad range of flexibility in spaces in order to conduct conferences, meetings, and functions. 

They also have their personal bar and bistro, so that you can avail the full enjoyment with your friends and family while staying. Not only that, they do provide the indoor swimming pool facility, spa and sauna facility, and gym facility. It doesn’t matter that if you are on a business trip, family vacation, or came to enjoy holidays with your friends, ciloms airport lodge will be a great choice for your accommodation. 

  1. The Qantas Club:

The Qantas Club is one of the newly built airport lodges. It is situated near the terminal 2. Also, since it is situated at the terminal 2 which only boards and departs the international flights, therefore, it provides several amenities for your accommodation. They do have nice accommodation services. Their rooms are also well maintained and cleaned, with air conditioning and room heating facilities.

They also offer customised dining options, so if you want to order your meals from the menu instead of the buffet then you are free to do. They do have a bar which offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

  1. The House:

The house is a nice place where you can stay comfortably. It is located near the terminal 2, and thus it offers several amenities for your accommodation. The house will give you a luxurious experience during your accommodation, they have one of the best-furnitured rooms. Their food services are superior which includes both taste and hygiene. They also offer the room upgrade facility.