Optimizing Space And Noise Control In Hotels: A Case Study


Providing the “ultimate” guest experience is the hallmark of Joie de Vivre Hospitality Inc. Headquartered in San Francisco, Joie de Vivre owns and operates 35 upscale boutique hotels up and down the California coast: from the Wine Country in the north to trendy Orange County in the south. Each location is a one-of-a-kind featuring luxury accommodations and lavish services designed to pamper and impress.

When the chain set out to develop another upscale location in Sacramento, California, Boyett Construction was given the challenge of converting the aging Cal Western Life Building at 10th and J Streets into a top-of-the-line, luxury travel destination. Set amid the hustle, bustle and noise of downtown traffic, the building that would ultimately be known as the new Citizen Hotel posed several challenges.

Right off the bat, the contractor was faced with two major concerns. “The initial construction plans did not include a strong soundproofing solution,” notes Todd R. Browning, District Manager at Boyett Construction and project manager for the development. “We also wanted to use a product and soundproofing technique that maximized every square inch of space.”

One Product Solves Both Problems

Browning did some online research regarding the best soundproofing solutions and confirmed his initial thinking. “I had certainly heard of QuietRock, but had not used it on other projects,” he states. “I recommended we use it for the Citizen Hotel and Joie de Vivre went with it.”

“QuietRock allowed us to use fewer layers of gypsum board, while maintaining the desired STC ratings, thereby conserving valuable space and reducing labor costs,” Browning notes. “Fewer layers also meant less material, less waste and less energy… all key green building objectives, which the client also liked.”

In the bathrooms, Browning’s team used QuietRock DensArmor Plus 528, which is ideal for sound walls that require a tile backer board and that must also be highly mold- and moisture-resistant. “One of my big concerns on this job was how to maintain the STC rating but still have a tile backer in a bathroom with a very small footprint,” said Browning. Considering ways to conserve every square millimeter of bath elbowroom, he was extremely pleased in not having to give up even 5/8 of an inch on each of the tub and shower walls. “With QuietRock DensArmor Plus 528, we maximized the space by having to use only one layer that fully answered both the soundproofing and tile backing needs.”

Sir, Your Room is Ready

“QuietRock helped us deliver a quiet, restful and luxurious guest experience,” says Brian Larson, managing director, of the Citizen Hotel. “When we looked at the cost of materials and labor, soundproofing with QuietRock was far less expensive than any other approach and it helped us finish the project on time and on budget.”

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