New Report from WTTC and JLL Outlines Global Cities’ Preparedness for Sustainable Travel and Tourism Growth

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  New Report from WTTC and JLL Outlines Global Cities Preparedness for Sustainable Vacation and Tourism Advancement

WTTC and JLL release most recent ‘Destination 2030: World wide cities’ readiness for sustainable tourism growth’

The Environment Journey & Tourism Council (WTTC) and JLL launched yesterday a new important report which addresses what tends to make a city all set for travel and tourism expansion.

The report, ‘Vacation spot 2030: International cities’ readiness for sustainable tourism expansion’, has been produced throughout WTTC’s 21st World-wide Summit in Manila, Philippines.

Prior to the pandemic, the travel and tourism sector had been outpacing the world wide financial state for just about a 10 years, with an annual regular expansion of 4.3% when compared to 2.9% as a result of 2019, and a contribution of almost USD 9.2 trillion to the world economic climate in the exact calendar year.

Soon after the harming disruption caused by the pandemic, the global journey and tourism sector is finally seeing indications of recovery. As the sector continues to evolve, the halt to intercontinental vacation not only delivered new issues, but also the opportunity for policymakers, vacation spot leaders and stakeholders to increase the sector’s readiness.

The report, also recognised as ‘Destination 2030’, addresses what helps make a city prepared for sustainable journey and tourism. 63 world cities ended up measured and categorised into one particular of five degrees of “readiness” although giving attainable methods to encourage sustainable growth in tourism exercise in each and every place.

Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO, claimed, “Travel and tourism plays an extremely critical role in a city’s financial system, not only boosting GDP, but also creating employment and improving upon the livelihoods of all those who count on our sector.”

“For a city to definitely thrive and for travel and tourism to develop in a sustainable method, stakeholders have to have to realize how prepared the town is for the predicted expansion in tourism and the ensuing difficulties and possibilities that lay forward.”


“The idea of ‘readiness’ has a ripple outcome all over the hospitality and tourism field,” stated Gilda Perez-Alvarado, World-wide CEO, JLL Lodges & Hospitality. “The development and scheduling that a country, region or desired destination achieves will impact the monetary health and fitness of the industries that make up the tourism industry. This involves assets values, tax technology and workforce growth.”

“The collective investigate that has made the readiness index underscores the relevance and breadth of engagement that is necessary from the tourism marketplace,” additional Dan Fenton, Director of World wide Tourism and Desired destination Enhancement Providers, JLL Hotels & Hospitality. “Our industry need to get a management purpose in practically all indicators that make up the index.”

In accordance to the impressive report, the “readiness” ranges variety on a scale from emerging to established-current market tourism hubs with different stages of infrastructure. It goes on clarify the latest prospects and difficulties faced by towns and offers suggestions for constructing and maintaining tourism action.

While the 5 typologies will need unique techniques to development, no one particular typology is better than a further, and all will demand proactiveness in strategic organizing and implementation at the vacation spot stage:


  • Dawning Developers, these types of as New Delhi and Riyadh, are towns with rising tourism infrastructure, slower tourism growth and lower customer focus. These types of places usually have a clean slate in planning very long term tourism progress with many alternatives in advance.
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  • Rising Performers, this sort of as Dubrovnik and Buenos Aires, are cities that are experiencing expanding tourism momentum, enabled by rising tourism infrastructure, and giving huge opportunities for strategic progress. On the other hand, locations in this group may expertise pressures and worries this kind of as overcrowding.
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  • Well balanced Dynamics, this kind of as Auckland and Vancouver, are metropolitan areas that have set up tourism infrastructure and probable for even more journey and tourism progress, across both equally leisure and small business segments, while balancing scale and concentration.
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  • Experienced Performers, this kind of as Miami, Berlin and Hong Kong, are towns with a strong leisure and/or small business travel dynamics and an recognized tourism infrastructure. As these destinations glance to further more push vacation and tourism development, they will want to proactively take into consideration prospective pressures as perfectly as chances for diversification to steer clear of strains linked to visitor volumes.
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  • Handling Momentum, these types of as Amsterdam, London and Las Vegas, are metropolitan areas with a historic large advancement momentum, supported by an set up tourism infrastructure. Locations within just this typology are more most likely than ‘Mature Performers’ to have by now attained the stage of sensation the pressures of balancing scale and focus as they carry on to benefit from travel and tourism.
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The readiness classes were determined by analysing info on 79 indicators inside of 8 pillars. In addition to the 6 pillars included in the prior report: ­scale, focus, leisure, business, urban readiness and plan prioritisation, two new pillars were being extra: environmental readiness and security and security.

These additions permitted for an improved concentration on sustainability, social effect and security and safety in conjunction with the far more traditional indicators that proceed to push the sector.

The pandemic has proven the pressing will need for a holistic see when addressing destination preparing and administration. The importance of metropolitan areas as motorists of results can’t be undervalued, making it a precedence to recommit to the potential of destinations.

To browse the report in full, please click on listed here.