Liberty trustees Okay $7,500 for gravel bike path together Jewett

A gravel bike trail will be installed along Jewett Road in Liberty Township in the spring. The trail will run from the roundabout at Jewett and Liberty roads to the railroad tracks and then beyond the tracks to the Derby Glen Farms subdivision.

When it arrives to a bicycle path along Jewett Street, Liberty Township trustees made the decision that anything is far better than almost nothing.

Trustees on Aug. 16 permitted $7,500 from the typical fund to make a gravel trail alongside Jewett Highway from the Derby Glen Farms subdivision to the railroad tracks and further than the tracks to the roundabout at Jewett and Liberty streets.

The function won’t be completed until spring, but seeing a younger bicycle rider earning his way alongside Jewett to attend a function at Liberty Center School was more than enough to convince trustee Shyra Eichhorn that the township essential to do a thing.

People in the subdivisions along Jewett Road and cyclists who journey trails regionally have needed a connector together with the ever more occupied highway for yrs. Delays in funding and in solving the challenge of crossing the railroad tracks just east of the Jewett-Liberty road intersection have stymied any development.