‘Hazbin Hotel’ picked up as a full series after fans petition | Limelight

Series creator Vivienne Medrano’s “Hazbin Hotel” has been picked up by production company A24 as a full animated series.

Back in October 2019, Medrano uploaded the 30-minute pilot episode of her adult animated series “Hazbin Hotel” to her YouTube channel “Vivziepop.” Since then, the episode has garnered over 40 million views. Petitions all across the internet began popping up, demanding the show become a full series.

“Hazbin Hotel” is a very unique series in that it was created, directed and produced all by Medrano. The incredibly fluid and clean animations the episode depicts truly shows Medrano’s talent in animation. The sense of dark humor in this show is akin to “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy” and “Invader Zim.” Fans of these animated dark comedies will not want to miss out on “Hazbin Hotel.”

The show itself is a strange but wonderful mix of adult jokes and musical numbers. The main character Charlotte, or “Charlie,” is the princess of Hell. She is attempting to start a hotel where the residents of Hell can stay in an attempt to rehabilitate themselves enough to make it into Heaven. As theological as the premise sounds, this is a very adult-themed show. Excessive cursing, dirty jokes and references to drugs and alcohol are everywhere in the pilot episode. 

The hilarity of Medrano’s writing and animation skills continue in the one-off special titled “Helluva Boss.” This is a 10-minute in-universe spinoff of “Hazbin Hotel,” acting as a shorter follow-up episode to the pilot. Medrano has created other even shorter videos, such as the fully animated music video “Addict” in order to create more hype for her series.

The production company A24 has previously brought life to other lesser-known series and films, such as “Euphoria” and “The Lighthouse.” The studio may be the perfect company to introduce “Hazbin Hotel” to a televised audience.

No word has yet been released as to where episodes will be available or how many have been ordered.