8 Ways of Budget Travel For Corporate Travel Solutions

8 Ways of Budget Travel For Corporate Travel Solutions

Corporate travel budgets are getting tighter than ever, especially those expenses on luxury hotel arrangement, limousine pick up as well as spending as you like for business entertainment. Many corporate travel policies changed, and you need to be creative while also being aware of travel and expense policies in each of your own new corporate travel guidelines. Here are some corporate travel solutions serve as a reference to all.

1. Book your travel using online booking tool. Corporate saves money each time you book via the online tool instead of a reservation travel agent. There are many online booking tool which are free.

2. Check on hotel freebies. Look for corporate approved or business contract hotels that offer integrated savings such as free wireless internet access or any free broadband services, parking, or breakfast. Eliminating these expenses can save thousands of dollars each year.

3. Share a rental car with a colleague rather than renting two cars, or take the shuttle bus to the office site. Many hotels provide this free shuttle bus services to corporate offices and even some tourist spots.

4. Share hotel room with colleague if no better corporate room available, since this will safe at least total lodging and transportation by half.

5. Research your flight options before purchasing a ticket and save big

– Purchase a not refundable airline ticket (unless you think your plans may change)…you will get a much better deal.

– Book your trip in advance and save hundreds of dollars on your flight. Some airlines offer deep discounts for reservations made at least 15 days in advance.

– Using unused or cancelled airline tickets. In the U.S., you can use funds from your unused/cancelled airline ticket when you book a new flight.

– Book discounted fares from budgeted Airlines online – You will now see discounted airfare rates and earn double rewards bonuses using many online tool. These discounts will save corporate money and give you the double rewards bonus points.

6. Be sure to use your corporate calling card rather than making calls direct from a hotel phone. You would be surprised how much hotels charge for outbound calls.

7. Eat with a colleague for half price – In the US and ASIA, you can often use your corporate ID or bonus card at lots of local restaurants to get one meal free or at least some discount on meals.

8. Planning a personal trip? Take advantage of corporate negotiated hotel rates, Hertz rental car rates.

Book your travel through online tools or your corporate travel agent, charge your related expenses on your Corporate Travel Card, and process your reimbursements through online system, that makes all process so simple, cost saving and efficient!

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